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3 Reviews on “Lasik Istanbul Healthcare Solutions”

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  • Jon Ross

    I needed glasses for distance since age 13 then went on to full time soft contact lenses at age 16. The price of solution went up x4 last year so I decided to get Lasik to save money in the long term. I originally went to a London clinic for an assessment and was quoted over £4K for both eyes. That was just too expensive. They sent a lot of slightly discounted “offers” after that but none were as low as what I paid in Instanbul. 1/4 of the price and that included the hotel accommodation. All I had to buy was my flights. Flawless service from start to finish and the staff all spoke great English so no worries there. I would definitely recommend to others considering Lasik. Don’t pay UK rip off prices!

  • Murat Ekinci Post author

    Best Lasik Surgery, Cataract surgery experience in istanbul Turkey.

  • We admitted here with my friend. I am 48 and my friend is 45. Both of us had supracor laser surgery same day for our presbyopia. Everything went pretty fine and smooth. Doctor is pretty experienced and answered all of my questions before and after surgery.

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