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    Mary Kay Beauty Product

    Product by Mary Kay: 1) Skincare products according to age group Below 15 years old, below 23 years old, 24s – 40s, above 40s 2) Bodycare products 3) Make up products 4) Full/part time business opportunity 5) Other beauty accessories

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    Tropical d’Light

    Juice buah-buahan yang segar, semula jadi & menyelerakan. Dikisar secara Cold Pressed. Disediakan dengan penuh kasih sayang..😘 Harga yang dijamin sangat2 murah & puas hati. 💯% Natural products ❌ Sugar added ❌ Water added ❌ Preservatives 🍎🍉🍋🍍🍒🍏🍊🥕 Premium Products dr tempatan 🇲🇾 dan juga yg diimport dr Europe🇪🇺 , Middle East 🇪🇭, South Afica 🇿🇦& Australia 🇦🇺.

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    Deep Sea Mineral

    MYWAY SEA MINERAL MYWAY Sea Mineral is a product of Queensland, Australia, enriched with pure concentrated mineral substance and trace elements. Its naturally obtain from the Australian deep sea. MyWay mineral substance and trace elements are in liquid form and easily obsorb in the body. Consuming daily will help the mineral defiency of our body and makes you always healthy. The mineral substance and trace elements will help in these aspects: >natural recovery of body cells >speed up the healing process >increase the body resistance ability >protect body from bacterial attacks >helps every body bio chemical activities MYWAY SEA MINERAL Read more [...]

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    Shahnaz Husain Signature Salon

     pretty regular at threading and upper lip and id heard good reviews about this place so decided to give it a try. Firstly, the ambience is okay-ish. Nice music playing but the staff aren’t very friendly. Not rude, but expect awkward stares (no idea why)  and no conversation. I came on a saturday, and there were barely any people so thats a plus but parking is a hassle. Prices are pretty pricey for the services you get Threading – rm9 Upper lip -rm6 Lower lip -rm6 Half leg waxing -rm50 Experience: the lady was fast with my threading and pretty Read more [...]

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    Lasik Istanbul Healthcare Solutions

    I know you hear people talking about how amazing Lasik is, but I’m going to say it again, Lasik is incredible. I spent years being afraid of this procedure, and now that it’s over I feel so stupid for not getting it done sooner. The staff is incredible, absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t have had a better experience anywhere else. I felt so comfortable and knew I was in good hands. My vision was terrible. I couldn’t see anything, but now I never need to worry about contacts or glasses. When they asked me if I wanted to donate my glasses Read more [...]

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    Iloilo River Esplanade

    Really cute pathway for joggers, walkers, etc. Visited here my first time when also with family from Iloilo. Really enjoyed the cool breeze alongside the river. Nice time to enjoy in the evening. There was even a Zumba lesson going on for the community. I joined in for a bit, haha. Lots of restaurants, karaoke bar, coffee shops along the way. There is a part of the river called “the boardwalk” where most of the action is. I was told there is good night life but I couldn’t say so for sure since I didn’t stay for that. We stopped Read more [...]

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    Fitness Concept

    It was my dad’s childhood dream to build his dream home when he retired. Now that he has all his dreams came true, this also meant living in a house with his own private two-car, mechanical door garage with an adjacent gym, something you rarely see in Malaysia. My dad has always been one to break the rules and that particular genetic influence came barging through my genetic makeup but that for another story. We were staying in KL for the longest time. Our house was practically five minutes away from Mid Valley so we would call Mid Valley our Read more [...]

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    Nak kulit cantik tanpa cela? Cuba laa Bougas Beauty Serum untuk mendapatkan kulit glowing dan fresh. Hanya SATU PUMP sahaja dah mencukupi 😉 RM75 for 20ml, serious berbaloi! Whatsapp saya utk tahu lebih details di 018 3531 554 sekarang & sementara ada stock.

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    Mulife Hydrogen Water

    Korea’s No. 1 Award Winning Hydrogen Water Generator Built on 35 years of study on science for health of mankind Why Hydrogen Water?  Over 1000 scientific publications demonstrate hydrogen to have therapeutic (medical) potential in essentially every organ of the human body and in 150 different human disease models.  Due to its strong and high anti-oxidant level coupled with its small size and special ability to diffuse and penetrate at cellular level, Molecular Hydrogen H2, has become the Most essential and useful Antioxidant.  Greatly reduce wrinkles and neutralise free radicals to prevent premature aging of skin.  Hydrogen can rapidly diffuse deep into all the cells and Read more [...]

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    Butik Humaira

    Assalamualaikum uolllsss…. Hai, saya kakchah Pengedar Sah Jamu Nenek Johor dan Diamond Gold Skincare Jom pakat beli produk kecantikan dan kesihatan dgn kakchah❤️ Lokasi Cod Area: (Johor) 🚗 Taman Perling🚗 Bukit Indah, 🚗 Medirni  Nusajaya, 🚗 Horizon Hills, 🚗 Bandar JB, 🚗 Taman Baiduri, 🚗 Bandar Baru Uda, 🚗 Larkin, 🚗 Nusa Bestari & 🚗 Singapore 📞 0167150536 ( Aiesya ) klik sahaja link dibawah untuk pertanyaan dan pembelian👇 📮Postage ke Seluruh Malaysia@/Sabah Sarawak #TeamNekGojes